Virat Kohli – King In The World Of Cricket

Virat Kohli is known as the king of cricket as he is the player with the best average runs in the world, which is above 50. He is also called a run machine due to his ability to score runs in almost every match. He was born in 1988 on 5 November in the capital of India in Delhi. Virat Kohli was made captain of the Indian cricket team from 2013 to 2022 and is also a cricketer representing India in international matches. He has been the team captain for more than 200 matches among the three formats in cricket.

Virat Kohli plays a right-handed batsman, is also a player in the IPL for the team Royal Challengers Bangalore, and plays in the Indian premier league. He is known in cricket as he is one of the best batsmen the world has to offer due to his amazing scores in limited matches. Virat joined the cricket team first time in the year 2011 and scored the top rank in ICC ranking among ODI batsmen.

Initial life

Virat Kohli was born in a Hindu Punjabi family in 1988 with one older brother Vikash and sister, Bhavna. Virat Kohli’s father was a criminal lawyer and a housewife in Uttam Nagar. However, Kohli`s father died due to a stroke on 18 December 2006. He completed his schooling at Vishal Bharti Public School and joined the West Delhi Cricket Academy in its first intake when he was just nine years old. Kohli`s teacher was Rajkumar Sharma when he was in the ninth class.

Beginning of Virat`s carrier

Career path of Virat Kohli top cricket player

Kohli first played in under 15 during October 2002 for Delhi and later became the captain of the same team in the Polly umrigar trophy for 2002-03. After winning the match, Virat got selected for under 17 for 2003-04. The team won the match, with Kohli scoring 757 for all seven matches played with two whole centuries. However, in his debut for Delhi, he did not get to bat at the match. Nevertheless, he was known as one of the best batsmen in India.

Kohli in Under-19

Virat Kohli Under 19 history

In the July of 2006, Virat Kohli got selected for the Indian under 19 teams in England. India won both the match series, with Kohli scoring an average of 105 in the three matches of the ODI series and 49 for the test match series. Furthermore, the Indian went to Pakistan for another series of matches, where he scored 58 for the test series and around 41 for the ODI matches in Pakistan.

Virat Kohli first played a t20 match in 2007 in April with the highest score for the series at 179 with an average of 35.8. However, in July and August, the same team toured Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in the same year. Virat Kohli scored the highest runs in the series at 146, with 29 for all five matches. However, in the other series for test matches, the score was around 244 with an average of 122, scoring a century and a half-century.

When asked “who is the king of cricket in the world,” the answer will simply be Virat Kohli due to his amazing achievements in the series and matches played worldwide.

Limited over matches

In 2011, while on tour in West Indies, some of India`s top players were out of the match due to injuries, such as Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir, and even Sehwag. However, despite Virat’s effort in the match, India won despite the disadvantage by 3-2 with 199 runs in total and an average of around 40. However, his efforts pay off the most in the second series of matches in Spain. In this match, Virat Kohli became the MVP with 81 runs and secured their victory with seven wickets.

However, at the next series in ODI in Kingston, the team got defeated by seven wickets in their first match. Even though Virat only scored about 76 runs in all five innings, the team won due to short ball and fast bowling. Even though Virat got dismissed from the matches due to his poor performance against fast bowling Edward, he came back as a replacement for the injured Yuvraj of the Indian team.

He performed well this time around; he scored 55 runs in the first match with an average of 38.8 in the entire series of ODI. The last match of the series gave Kohli his sixth century in the ODI with 107 from 93balls.

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