Longest Six In The History Of Cricket

Cricket has become one of the most favorite games played and watched among people from several parts of the world. The game is still gaining popularity by winning the hearts of people from all over the world. People usually love this game due to the convenience and affordability of the game. Anyone who is physically fit or not, even with less money or an incomplete team, can play this game. The flexibility of this game is its selling point in the world of sports.

Cricket enthusiasts always look to know more about the history of the game and the game itself. That`s why a common query that arrives in their mind is who hit the longest six in cricket history. The answer to the following question Is listed below.

Who hit the longest six?

When it comes to the history of six in cricket, it is quite complicated as there are several match forms such as ODI, T-20, and even test matches. The answer can vary based on the form of cricket one is talking about, as several players have hit the ball much further. However, the longest six for the test match belongs to Brett lee, who blew the ball over 130 meters in a test match against West Indies in 2005.

Shahid Afridi cricket player career and achievements

However, in the ODI matches held in 2013 in March, Shahid Afridi broke the recode unofficially by scoring a six that went over 158 meters. He played for the Pakistan team and broke the record against South Africa in the 3rd ODI match in the series. However, despite Shahid Afridi`s amazing performance in the match scoring 88 runs at just 48 balls, the team still lost the match by 34 runs as the score achieved 345 to win.

The six was hit in the 35th over while Ryan Malaren was balling. Shahid Afridi had already scored 12 runs and then hit the longest six at the 4th ball. However, even before Brett Lee or even Shahid Afridi, two batsmen named Mark Waugh and Ijaz Ahmed had already scored six that were 120 and 115 meters long respectively in the year 1999. Ijaz Ahmed hit two six in the match against the team India from which one was 115 meters.

In 2012, one year before Shahid Afridi`s historical six, another player from New Zealand called Martin Guptill came close to breaking the record at 127 meters. It happened in a match against South Africa where the ball fell back into the stadium after hitting the roof. However, after ten years in the year 2021, a batsman from England hit a six that went as far as 122 meters against team Pakistan. These were the top six players that hit the longest six in the history of cricket so far.

Domestic cricket records in six

Domestic cricket is a form of cricket performed in a single nation with teams from different states. Examples of these sports types are Indian IPL, which includes teams from different states such as Punjab, Kolkata, and even Delhi. In addition, the rewards and awards are also given at a country level, such as Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hajare Trophy, or Deodhar Trophy.

Even though the record for the official longest six in a test match held by Brett Lee at 130 to 135 meters. The history of Domestic cricket events has unofficial records but was stated in a match.

Aiden Blizzard cricket player and his record

Aiden Blizzard, who plays for Victorian Bushrangers in 2008, scored a six that was 130 meters in a match at WACA in a T-20. However, several other batsmen have also scored six, which was quite impressive in domestic cricket.

However, the longest six in domestic cricket is still with Aiden Blizzard for 130 meters. In the same year as Aiden Blizzard, Albie Markel scored a six with over 124 meters long. However, the ball went out of the stadium bowled an Indian spinner Pragyan Ojha in a T20 match. In 2011, in the Indian T20 league, an Australian cricketer playing for Punjab covered 122 meters by a six against a bowler from South Africa.

An Australian cricket called Victor Trumper played in a national team for almost 48 test matches during 1903. He scored a six that went over 120 meters while batting against Paddington during a club match. The ball that traveled scored a six along with going over the stadium wall and broke a window on the second floor of a building. These were the longest six in the history of cricket at the domestic and international levels.

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