What Is Test Cricket Matches, And How It Is Played?

A test cricket match is the first-ever format of cricket. Cricket was invented in this format only. Test match is the longest duration match among all other three formats. It is played in innings and with the breaks as it runs for several days.  What is test match in cricket is called. It is also called as classic format as it is the most competitive form of cricket. And teams from different countries play against each other with a lot of passion.

Test cricket has changed a lot from the time it was invented. However, it was necessary due to the modern times and demands of the people. There are specific rules of test match cricket which everyone should know. The Melbourne Cricket Club is the authority that makes rules for all formats of cricket.

Test Match In Early Times

cricket test match history and 1877 year

The first official test match was played in 1877 between two famous countries England and Australia. The test match used to play in four innings, and the maximum time for competitions of match used to be five to seven days. Yes, the teams used to play test matches for such a prolonged duration in earlier times. Cricket began to gain fame in the era of Sir Donald Bradman, one of the best cricket batsmen and is considered a legend.

The rules of test matches of those times were limited. After the first test match and Australia’s win over England led to the rising of touring. These two teams began to visit each other’s countries for the test match series. Generally, a series can have five test matches in which a team winning three matches first wins the series. This led to the introduction of the most extensive rivalry series of cricket known as The Ashes. It happens only between Australia and England once in two years.

General Rules Of Test Match

Rules of cricket test matches detailed overview

Some rules of test match that is valid nowadays in test matches:

  • The test match has four innings, two innings per team.
  • The test match can take a maximum of five days to complete, and if the scores at the end are tied, the match is said to be a draw. No winner is decided in a test match after the draw. Instead, both teams receive equal points.
  • Each day of the test match has three sessions and two breaks. The breaks are of tea and for lunch. The break is of about 20 to 40 minutes. There are several overs decided to bowl in a single day. The umpire can decide extra bowling or not if the sunlight conditions in the stadiums are not so good.
  • The teams try to score a maximum number of scores in two innings. And in a test match, first one team bats and then another; this is how an inning proceeds.

The final decision of the test match remains in the hands of the field umpire. He has the authority to stop the game if the weather condition seems to be bad, or he can dismiss any player on the field if he is found guilty of bad behavior during the test match.

How Can Innings In A Test Match Be Ended?

There are four ways in which a test match innings can end. The first is if the team gets all out. If the bowling team can bowl out all the batsmen of his opponent team, then the inning comes to an end. It can also end if the captain of the batting team decides to declare the innings. This happens if the captain thinks now they have enough scores to win the match.

Another way in which an inning can be ended is when one of the teams wins the match. So if the match is in the fourth inning, then the batting team is chasing a total score. So if they can chase the total runs, then the inning is called off, and the team is decided to be the match winner. An inning can also be ended if the number of over or time prescribed for an inning gets finished. The test match is a limited duration format of cricket.

Nowadays, as cricket has become very famous in the world, there are so many countries that have gained test match status.  Cricket is one of the most-watched sports in the world, and it is because of its style and exciting rules and gameplay. Cricket is also played in ODI format and T-20 formats, which was introduced later in cricket after seeing the popularity of test matches.

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